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Building a new home and community for 74 children in Nepal

In 2012, we began working with a wonderful organization, Sunrise Children’s Association. In particular, we are working with the Sunrise orphanage located in Nepal and being run by director, Emma Taylor. Emma is originally from Australia and visited Nepal in 2004 and volunteered for an orphanage there. She was so touched the conditions that existed and the wonderful spirit of the children despite the extreme poverty they were living, that she returned soon after and established the Sunrise Orphanage.

We were drawn to Emma and her work because not only has she helped create a safe, loving environment for so many children, she is now working on creating an entire children’s village which will provide living, health and educational facilities for not only the children in the care of Sunrise Orphanage, but also for a limited number of children in the surrounding area who are living in such dire poverty that they simply do not have access to any education.

The current living situation of the Sunrise Orphanage is not ideal at all. The orphanage has been residing in rented premises in Kathmandu for over 6 years, and has on average had to move every 18 months due to expansion and unreliable long term contracts with landlords. In addition to moving, there are ongoing problems such as power and water shortages, and a lack of space within the rented premises. Kathmandu is growing rapidly and it is unlikely that premises to comfortably house over 70 children and carers will be available in the future. With that in mind, the Sunrise Orphanage is now working hard to build an eco-friendly permanent home for the current and future children of Sunrise Orphanage on land owned by the organization.


The GREAT news is that Sunrise has found a way to purchase just over 2.5 acres of land and now they are in desperate need of funding to help build the buildings. So our goal is to help provide a stable, permanent and safe home for these children. When talking about their building plans and what it will be used for, the Sunrise Orphanage describes it best:

“The new Sunrise children’s home will provide an even greater opportunity to create a real home environment for the children, with more space, flexibility and direct involvement in its development, giving the children a greater sense of security and ownership. The home will comprise 8 separate flats (across 2 buildings), each with a parental figure and a maximum of 10 children. Each flat will contain bedrooms, a bathroom, a small kitchenette, and a spacious living, prayer, study and activities area. Most daily activities will take place within the individual flats, closely resembling a natural family home.”

The Soul Society is so proud to announce that 100% your donations will go DIRECTLY to this project and help provide a safe and loving home for the orphans in the care of Sunrise. We need your help to make this happen. YOU have the power to make a difference.

You will have the unique opportunity to stay up to date with this project right here on this page. You can monitor the progress we make every step of the way and see firsthand how your donation has affected the lives of these children. Thank you so much for your kind donations!

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June 9, 2013. We are SO proud to announce that we have just transferred $80,000 to the Sunrise Orphanage which go directly towards the construction of one of the orphanage’s building.  You can see the exact plans by clicking on the two links below which show the architectural plans fort he building.  It was because of all of your generous donations that this building is being built right now. The contractors were waiting on these funds to get started and we are so happy that they can do so – thanks to YOU. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous donations – 100% every single donation is going directly to the Sunrise Orphanage to make this happen. Thank you so, so much! We will keep you updated with photos of the building as it progresses. This is only on building of several which are needed to house the children and provide them with proper schooling. We are going to continue working with this orphanage so that we can see the project through to the end. PLEASE take a moment to donate now to help us make the dream of another building happen! No donation is too small – every little bit helps.  And every small donation adds up to something tremendous –  look at what we were all able to do together so far! 

Together, let’s continue supporting the Sunrise Orphanage in Nepal by donating here.

Multipurpose Center Ground Floor Plan

Multipurpose Center First Floor plan



December 16, 2014. We have received an email from Emma Taylor, the director of the orphanage we are helping in Nepal.  It has been a year and a half since we donated and here’s what she says:

“All is great here in Nepal and the new home (completed June 2013) is beautiful. The kids are loving it!

As you well know, you made an extremely generous donation […] in May 2014 which we were planning to use to cover a large portion of the multi-purpose centre (total amount was around $125k) planned for phase 2. In phase 1  you may recall we built the children’s home of 4 flats and the new school building of 14 rooms. Phase 2 was going to be the multi-purpose centre made up of an office, community hall and rehabilitation room on the ground floor and then volunteer and other staff accommodation on the top floor. We were also planning 2 more flats for the children as part of phase 2.

We raised a healthy amount towards phase 2 however not all required, and we then looked at alternative smaller scale plans for phase 2 over the 12months following the move. After taking into account the increase in contractor fees and the below factors, we have decided we will only go ahead with minimal scale construction for phase 2.

As you know, our main aim and concern was to create a safe, loving home for the Sunrise children on our own land which we feel we have now done even with phase 1. The Sunrise home has always been a last resort for children who really have no other alternative i.e. that have no other family or anyone that can care for them. We were pleasantly surprised that after re-connecting all of the children that have families over these past 4-5 years, just how many we have been able to continue to re-integrate over these past 2 years in particular.

Over the past few months 18 children (from both the main home and the transition home for college kids) have been able to move back to their families or with other relatives and are now supported under our re-integration program (where we provide full education support and support for some other basic needs). With this and the most recent group of SLC graduates moving from the main home to the transition home for college kids, it means the main new home is no longer overcrowded. Each year children will be moving from the main home to the transition home for college kids, so that will provide space to take in new genuinely orphaned or abandoned children with no alternative option if need be.

If the government again requests we take in a large group of children following an emergency rescue (where they close down an orphanage that is very poorly run and usually housing trafficked children), like they did in May 2013 when we took in 15 small boys, it may be better for us to house them in a temporary shelter until which time we can trace their families and determine whether they can be re-integrated or if they need long term care at Sunrise.

We have now spent a full year at the new home, which is located in very basic village, and gained a more in depth understanding of the situation and outlook of the local community. Based on this, it is now even more evident that additional works on SCV will lead to a material disparity between the Sunrise children and the local children, that we don’t believe to be in the best interest of the local children or the Sunrise children. We have determined that we can use the new school facilities in place of the originally planned multi-purpose centre, and this will also serve to support the local community children and minimise the gap between them and the Sunrise children. The Sunrise children have all they could ever need for growing up in a safe and loving environment, so rather than having disproportionately extensive facilities in the context of what is clearly a degree of rural poverty, we prefer to focus on developing the whole community via further developing the local school, which is a joint partnership with Sunrise. Thousands of children have been sent to Kathmandu for the sake of a better education, so by focusing on this and the further development of the schools many of our education scholarship children attend (over 470 across 5 districts), we hope to help minimise the number of children being sent away from their homes unnecessarily.

So we are now looking at some very basic accommodation for volunteers, perhaps even 1 room that can be shared as well as a couple of permanent large tents (that they use at places like The Last Resort Here – very comfortable!), and similarly some very basic accommodation, perhaps 3 rooms for teachers/staff. We are still waiting for quotations for the scaled back works, so final plans will be based on the various cost options. But my very random guess may be more like $20-30k rather than the $125k.

I wrote back to Emma and said that we are thrilled to be able to help fund the basic accommodations they are working on.  We have received so many donations in the past year and are ready to make another donation to SVC thanks to everyone who has donated.  Help us build these accommodations for the Sunrise Orphanage in Nepal by donating here. Thank you again!